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Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ Picks Up Where OMI’s ‘Cheerleader’ Left Off


LAS VEGAS, NV – JUNE 20: Singer Justin Bieber watches a welterweight fight between Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter at MGM Grand Garden Arena on June 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Justin Bieber has discharged his new single, “What Do You Mean.” It’s as of now inclining at the highest point of twitter, and the feature has gotten barely short of a large portion of a million hits at press time. The star has likewise let the track free upon the Spotify and Apple Music universes, guaranteeing its multiplication. There will be a live execution of the melody at the VMAs to boot, as reported by Rolling Stone.

Is any of this intriguing or news-commendable? Not especially—not to me in any event. However, marking down the details, there is something fairly impactful about the music itself: it grabs where the (as of now number one) remix of OMI’s “Team promoter” left off, keeping on profiting by our zeitgeist’s interested interest with the crossing point of the smooth and the danceable, the four-on-the-floor with the smoot.

In an article about “Team promoter,” I commented on its Deep House bona fides—its “rounder baselines, the laidback hit of every downbeat, the peak unpretentiously demonstrated,” and additionally its “moderate drop, rather than the mechanical howling of something like dubstep.”


Those statements fit in portraying Bieber’s melody also; the two tracks offer comparable instrumentation: we have the heartfelt piano out of sight, the wash of ride cymbals dropping over here and there. Manufactured container woodwinds supplant the trumpet counterpoint of “Team promoter,” as does a tastefully auto-tuned, tastefully blended vocal remark from the second chorale on. To be sure, the countermelodies gave by Bieber in these segments give, on occasion, intervallic conflicts that go wonderfully contrary to what would be expected; they are jazzier than what we’re accustomed to hearing—more deep. 

The majority of this comes as somewhat of a flight for two of the planners behind this track: Bieber has attempted on truly a couple caps throughout the years—the high schooler pop of “Child,” the widely appealing R’n’B of “Sure,” the jerky, more grating jitter of “As Long As You Love Me,” the standard four-on-the-floor clamor of “Magnificence and a Beat”— however infrequently has his work felt as naturally earned as it does in this tune; in “Where Are U Now” Bieber permitted Diplo and Skrillex to take a piano melody he had recorded and transform it into something reviving for everybody included. Of course, the track had its loud minutes, however contrasted with Skrillex’s Recess, it was emphatically quieted. Everything considered, “Where Are U Now” feels like the legitimate forerunner to the single offered today, however a greater amount of the clamor has been stripped away—a greater amount of the weakness has been washed off, taking into account something somewhat charming to.

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